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Red Polka Dot Picnic Blanket

Red Polka Dot Picnic Blanket


Extra large picnic blanket in carry bag

:  at  £39.50  each

Enjoy your picnic with this magnificent extra large picnic blanket! A lovely design in red with white polka dots. The blanket comes with a navy blue binding along the sides for a finishing touch. 

Due to its rectangular shape it's extra spacious (180 x 140 cm).

It is made of 100% cotton and has a waterproof backing made of 100% PU coated polyester. 

The picnic blankets are washable.

The colour of the blanket is a distinguished darkish red (the sunshine in the picture makes it looks lighter, and a bit pink which it is not).

The blanket comes in a carry bag and in this bag it only measure 28 x 40 x 5 cm, so very compact and easy to take with you. 

extra large picnic blanket in red polka dot with picnic basketcarry bag for extra large picnic blanket

So compact in its smart polka dot carry bag!


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